• Flexible Rating Engine Multi-Product Rating Solution

    Our powerful RATING ENGINE can be used as a stand-alone product to serve up simple and complex rates -- unlimited products, any industry type!
  • Rule-Based Classing ToolsFine-Tune the Details & Options

    A CLASSING TOOL that provides customizable features, functions and control interface to support any product.
  • Product Design Tools For Any Product Type or Industry

    Automatically adjusts the layout format to any product to ensure versatility across any industry you support.
  • Web APIConnect to a Menu, DMS & More

    Connect to your business partners with the Application Programming Interface.
  • Claims AdjudicationCancellations & Voids

    Cancel individual contracts and record adjudicated claims in the TecAssured administration console.
  • Custom Reports Real-Time Data

    Choose from a selection of reporting modules to individualize your content reporting.
  • 1 Flexible Rating Engine Multi-Product Rating Solution
  • 2 Rule-Based Classing ToolsFine-Tune the Details & Options
  • 3 Product Design Tools For Any Product Type or Industry
  • 4 Web APIConnect to a Menu, DMS & More
  • 5 Claims AdjudicationCancellations & Voids
  • 6 Custom Reports Real-Time Data


Rating Variations


Coverage Types


Admin Modules





TecAssured™ is an Out-of-the-Box Fully-Customizable Administration System & Rating Engine for Warranties, Vehicle Service Contracts, and Ancillary Products!

Great for Independent Agents, Dealers, Program Administrators, Lending Facilities or Insurance Carriers

Over The Edge, the company behind TecAssured™, specifically serves the unique needs of managing General Agencies, Dealers-Vendors, Program Administrators, Lender, and Insurance Carrier business. We have extensive experience, 40+ years of combined auto industry & F&I products knowledge, in creating technology solutions for rating and administration (insured and non-insured) and working with program business, company-specific, and specialty Warranty and Service Contract products.

The TecAssured™ Administration Software Suite offers a full line of rating, administration and distribution modules covering all fifty states (plus DC), and addresses all business needs and products including Commercial-Auto, Inland Marine, RV, Motorsport, PPM, and Loyalty Programs. And, our Rating Engine can be implemented in a variety of ways, including in-house and cloud-based web applications, with or without the use of the full system suite.

With an innovative end-to-end system that includes a full-featured user interface, powerful rating engine, standard PDF worksheet output, and complete API web services for any customizations, TecAssured™ offers a complete solution that is fast and easy to implement, yet able to provide the depth of rating content required of MGAs, Dealers-Vendors, Program Administrators, Lending Facilities and Insurance Carriers.

We give clients the power to go beyond basic rating with our full suite of integrated products, including:

  • Rating – Any Product Line or Industry Rating System
  • Rule-Based Classing Modules
  • Custom Program and Products
  • Unlimited Accounts, Buckets, Commissions, Over-Remits, Pricing Levels, etc.
  • Contract/Form Document Production
 & Report Data
  • Web Portal and API Menu with DMS integrations
  • Complete Stand-Alone PPM Solutions, Loyalty Programs & Monthly Pay Modules
  • Claim Adjudications - Cancellations - Voids
  • Web Hosting, Secure Data, Reports, Backups & Redundancy
  • Connections for 3rd Parties Solutions – StoneEagle, F&I Admin, as well as All MENU, DMS & POS Systems
  • Design/Build Software & Customization Services

Dedicated to Customizing Our Solutions to Fit Your Exact Needs
Our software solutions provide the agility and customization critical within the program business space. As you tailor your programs with customized coverages to fit the nichés you serve, to make them more attractive and competitive in the marketplace, we too can customize our rating solutions for you. In fact, we encourage and welcome custom development because we understand how vital it is in this market.

Expanded Functionality, Yet Practical & Cost-Effective
The TecAssured™ suite of products offer more functionality than lower-end systems, and are more affordable than larger, toolset systems. Our off-the-shelf product has functionality superior to the retail agency products available, and provide the customization and flexibility you need. Our products are also much more cost-effective than the toolset approach, which requires a significant investment and IT resources.

Unprecedented Commitment to Customer Service
Over The Edge has a senior development team that each has more than 20 years of experience in the development of warranties, insured and non-insured product rating engines, and applications software accessible to you when you utilize our TecAssured™ Software Suite. We are responsive professionals who will work with you – as an extension of your company – to ensure the solution we deliver fits the specific programs you wish to provide to your retailers and their customers. When you work with OTE, you can be confident and rely on the services, software and solutions we deliver!